South Movie, Top 10 Best South Movies Ever Made Dubbed In Hindi

South Movie, There are few things which can turn into an universal truth and it is impossible to neglect them. likewise believe it or not but South Movies and South Indian Cinema is overtaking the Bollywood and about to match the Hollywood Quality. However if there is slight doubt in your mind then I am taking the responsibility to remove it.

South Movie
South Movie

So here I have bring Top 10 the Greatest South Movie, Crime Suspense Thriller South movies for you. They are easily available to and are dubbed in Hindi as well and believe me you will love these movies a lot. They are available on YouTube in Hindi, so you can watch them directly from there. So this list will be worth your time. And without wasting any more time lets hit the list.

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Top 10 Best Suspense Thriller South Movies Dubbed In Hindi


This movie was released in 2018. This movie is written around a flyover which is in Hyderabad. Where people mysteriously start Dying. To solve this case one journalist and a police office start working together. Then after sometime they encounter an evil spirit. Who is taking the revenge because of a incident happened in the past. However when you watch this movie you will stuck with it and you might skip to blink.

South Movies

Okka Kshanam (Shoorveer 2)

It was released in 2017, which is based on the story of parallal life. This story will spin your head very high speed and you will love the story. There are few people in this movie who can see the future and have the power to change the fate. Here Jiva (Actor) and Joshna (Actress) are lovers. However Jiva kills the Joshna in the Future and then they try to change that in the present. This movies is dubbed in hindi in the name of Shoorveer 2.

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You might have watched this movies, it is one of my favorites that is why I have added this to this list. This movie is based on a scientist who creates a Robot that can have emotions like human being. However when he succeeded to do that. That Robot (Chitti) falls in love with the Girlfriend of his creator. There is a great action and awesome visuals in this movie that will keep you entertained.

South Movie

Meri Jung the one Man Army

This South movie is about a man who is an orphan, however he falls in love with a girl who is a daughter of a gangster. When father of the girl finds out about it he Kills the friend of the man and take the girl. Then the man release the girl. Story of this movie is really great and action is superb. You will surely enjoy watching this movie with your family and it will be worth your time.

South Indian Movie

I (2015)

One of the greatest south movie ever made. After watching this movie you won’t say it is less than a Hollywood movie. With the great action and awesome visuals and effects. Where a low class man becomes very famous and people starts to get jealous to him give him many types of chemicals and make him like a monster. Then he takes the revenge. You will love this love story and this a great movie to watch.

South Indian Movie

Janatha Garage

This south movie was released in 2016 with the name of Janatha Garage in Hindi as well. This movie was a great hit. You will love the extreme action and drama this movie delivers with the cocky humor.

New South Movies


It was released in 2017 which is based on a serial killer, Who challenges the police and kills innocent people for no reasons. He kills by many unique pattern. Then an there is an entry of a good policeman who fights with this criminal along with the dirty politics going on in the country.

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Goodachari (International Khiladi 3)

It was released on 2018, it was based on a secret agent, who works to save the world from danger activities, however then situation turns he was convicted for the murder of his boss. Story is not that easy, as there is dark secret behind this planning and plotting that is connected to the death of his father. It was released in Hindi with the name of International Khiladi.

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It is a Tamil Movie released in 2019, It is released in Hindi Dubbed with the name SEINE. it is one of the best movies, on IMBD it is ranked as 8.2/10. It is great murder mystery movie, and with time the mystery start getting difficult. you will surely enjoy the thrill and action in this movie.

New South Movie, South Indian Movie

Super Khiladi 3

It was released in 2016, it is available in many languages and subtitles. this movie is also available on YouTube, even on the YouTube it has 141 million views, so that you can understand how good this movie is. It is a good action drama movie, where actor tries to impress girls but none of them gets impressed then he start drinking and then the real story begins.

South Indian Movie, New South Movie

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These movies are available to watch for free and you can download these movies as well in Hindi Dubbed. You will find most of the movies on YouTube, however if you couldn’t find any of them on the YouTube. Then you can visit the websites mentioned below. You can also download various other movies from these websites for free.

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I hope you have like our selection of South Movie, and Tamil Movie Download. If you want any other type of list or movie do tell us in the comments, we will bring that for you and will also share there download links for you. If you are a fan of watching good movies and Web-Series then do read our other posts, you will get many awesome movies and web-series list to watch in your free time.

South Movies, New South Movie, South Indian Movie

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