Bhoot Wali Film, 8 Best Horror Movies Ever Made

Bhoot Wali Film: If you like to watch horror movies just like I do then you are at the right place, I have created this list mentioning some greatest horror movies ever made. You must have watched many horror movies but I am sure you haven’t watched the all I will be sharing here. So without wasting anytime Let’s get to the list.

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bhoot wali film

Bhoot Wali Film, 8 Best Horror Movies Ever Made 2020

1. 13 B

This is an Indian Bhoot Wali Film, a Horror Movie. Here a family lives in a shift in a home and In their new home there is a Tv show they watch. And whatever happens in that tv show becomes their reality, in the start it is all good but with time things start to change. You should definitely watch this movie if you haven’t till now. It will blow your brains out.

2. Bhool Bhulaiya

It is a Horror Comedy, which is performed by Akshay Kumar, Story of this movies is awesome, it will keep you stick to the story. It is quite a horror show with little bit of comedy in it. You will love the screen play and the songs as well. This is not the original part. Original one is south indian Called Chandramukhi, performed by RanjiKant Sir.

3. Exorcism of Emily Rose

This is a Hollywood movie, about a girl whose body is in possession of 6 Ghosts spirits. It is based on the real story. It will give goosebumps. It is also available in Hindi language. One should watch this movie.

4. Gerald’s Game

This one is also Hollywood, where a couple goes to enjoy their weekend alone somewhere far from the world. While they were in the bed her husband tie her with the bed and then dies by a Heart attack. She gets stuck on the bed. Then this story slowly builds and its visuals will terrify you.

5. US

This story is about when your worst fear becomes real. it destroys everything.

6. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

It is scientifically proven that these activities are real. This happens sometimes. And it is based on a real event. Make sure you lock your house correctly in the after watching this.

7. Conjuring

This is one of the best horror movies ever made. You will love the scenes and it will literally scare the hell out of you. Best time to watch this movie in the night when lights are off.

8. Insidious (2010) Official Trailer

In this movie, their house is haunted, and do a lot of things to make it right. However ghosts doesn’t leave them alone and things which happens next is something worth watching.

Some Bonus Mentions, Ultimate Bhoot Film and Horror Movies.

Here are some Honorable mentions, Where I have selected 10 Indian Horror and 10 Hollywood Horror movies, However each movie has their own potential of scare you. Watching them alone might put negative effect on you or you would start checking below your bed. So please don’t blame me if anything happens.

Bhoot Wali Film

You will like these movies a lot. And I am sure you haven’t watched them all. If you think I have forget to mentioned any other movie, please do tell us that in the comment section it will help other readers to watch more awesome movies by that. And do tell us how do you like our list.

Bhoot Wali Film

You can watch these but I would suggest you to never watch them alone. If you do that then I’m not responsible for whatever happens next. Thank You.

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